Who qualifies for a tax credit?

Under new healthcare laws, some people may qualify for income-based tax credits to help make their health insurance cost less. These tax credits are available only when you buy your coverage on Connect for Health Colorado.

There are two types of new health insurance tax credits available:
  • A tax credit that lowers your premium (what you pay each month for coverage)
  • A tax credit that lowers what you pay out of pocket when you need care
You may be eligible for one or both of these tax credits if:
  • You are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid
  • Your employer does not offer you and your family affordable health insurance

How much will I save?

The amount you get back will depend on your family income and family size. Lower income families and individuals get the most help.

Simply answer the following three questions to find out:
  • Does your employer offer health insurance? (Y/N)
  • Do you receive Medicare? (Y/N)
  • Do you or your family make more than the amount below in a year? (Y/N)
Family SizeYearly IncomeFamily SizeYearly Income

If you answered “NO” to all three questions, you may qualify for the new tax credit.

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