How We Are Different

 We Put You in Charge

We’re a member-driven health insurance CO-OP. That means we’re focused on health, not profits, and give our members a stronger voice in their healthcare.

 Plans Designed to Help You Stay Healthy

Most of our plans offer two free primary care visits per year. And under most individual plans, when you complete three simple steps, you’ll pay less when you visit a doctor and earn a debit card to spend on healthcare.

 We Value Choice

Our PPO health insurance plans offer a robust statewide provider network, and our EPO plans offer more limited networks at a lower cost. Our pharmacy benefits also promote choice, with a wide variety of covered medications.

Individual / Family

We can help you understand health insurance and find the right plan for you. Learn about your health insurance options.


We can help you find your next group plan or guide your employees in the individual market. Learn about your health insurance options.


Colorado HealthOP is interested in partnering with providers who support our CO-OP philosophy and our focus on primary and preventive care. Contact us at 720-627-8935 or 720-627-8931 to know more about joining Colorado HealthOP’s network.


Colorado HealthOP is interested in partnering with brokers and general agents who would like to add our products to their portfolio of health insurance plans. Contact us at 720-627-8946 to know more about our health plans and opportunities to partner with us.